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Support our LGBTQ siblings and their allies

As a United Methodist lay person, church leader or pastor in Indiana, I acknowledge the harm done recently by the global gathering of The United Methodist Church known as General Conference. I grieve the actions of this General Conference, which tightened restrictions on the ordination of gay clergy and maintained prohibitions on our clergy performing same-sex weddings. We say to our LGBTQ siblings: you are beloved children of God, and you are beloved by us. This action of the General Conference does not reflect our own hopes and dreams for The United Methodist Church. More importantly, we believe that it does not reflect the hopes and dreams of God. It is notable that 67 percent of General Conference delegates from the United States surveyed favored a more inclusive church. And yet, as a diverse and global church, we find ourselves in a situation where the denomination has perpetuated exclusion.

Too often, our silence as clergy has done harm. We commit to advocating and working for the full inclusion of all people in God’s church. And we humbly ask for your prayers and forgiveness. I believe that God is not yet finished working within The United Methodist Church. We hope that you can join us in this work, but we understand if you cannot. And we commit to working alongside God, as we weep alongside you.

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