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UMI Slate of Delegates for 2019 General Conference

Room for All Coalition Endorsed
General Conference 2020 Candidates

RussAbel 400px.jpg

Russ Abel, clergy

Russ is the senior pastor of Saint Joseph UMC in Fort Wayne and the incoming Conference Superintendent of the East district. While serving as a past delegate to General Conference, Russ actively worked for retirement equity for clergy and currently serves in connection with the General Board for the Committee on the Status and Role of women. 

  • Experienced with delegate leadership

  • Engaged as a social justice activist for marginalized persons


Duane Carlisle, clergy

As a pastor at Broadway UMC in Indianapolis, Duane is a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and serves on the steering committee of the coalition for full inclusion.  As a multi-racial individual Duane believes his own perspective and life experiences help him understand and advocate for others.

  • Proven advocate for full inclusion

  • Pastor of a Reconciling Ministries church

Schubert Nowling.jpg

Lisa Schubert Nowling, clergy

Lisa represented Indiana at both the 2016 and 2019 General Conferences.  As a female clergy person under 40, Lisa works to listen to voices from all generations and brings deep passion to her work of ensuring all God’s children are embraced and affirmed through our UMC.

  • Bold progressive voice in Indiana and nationally

  • Worked with Young Pastor’s Network and General Board of Church & Society

Rob Fuquay Photo 2018.jpg

Rob Fuquay, clergy

Rob is a published author and active pastor engaged in denominational leadership as he works with Adam Hamilton and others to bring about a fully inclusive expression of Methodism. As senior pastor of St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis, Rob has helped the church carry out its mission of being an open community.

  • National voice engaged in denominational conversation with other key leaders

  • Member of Garrett Seminary Board of Trustees and several groups working through national boards and commissions to focus on stronger ministry

Howard, Jill 2020 Willingness to Serve headshot .jpg

Jill Howard, clergy

As a young, progressive clergy woman, Jill has worked to make national and international connections and sees value in making room for all voices, especially those which have been silenced for too long. As a reserve delegate to GC2016 & GC2019, Jill has experience with our UMC General Conference process and is willing to work for change.

  • Member of the Young Clergy Women International group

  • Passionate about full inclusion


Aleze Fulbright, clergy

Currently serving as our East District Conference Superintendent, Aleze has served as a pastor in a cross-racial/cross-cultural appointment, where she developed expertise in the work of clarifying positions and theological understandings.  Aleze believes a healthy UMC values all persons and works to include all that they may experience the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Parish, conference and superintendency leadership across two conferences

  • A voice for diversity of thought and expanded perspective


Ronnie Bell, clergy

An Afro-Caribbean-American whose parents immigrated from Jamaica, Ronnie’s ministry has focused on building bridges of grace that connect us where humanity would divide. Currently serving as the Associate Pastor at North UMC, a Reconciling Ministries church, Ronnie believes in the work God is and can continue through God’s church.

  • Young Clergy who will be ordained at AC2019

  • Focused on ministry engagement in and through a diverse community

Chris Tiedeman.jpg

Chris Tiedeman, clergy

As a founding member and organizer for the Methodist Reclamation Project, Chris is reaching out across the denomination to inform and encourage a fully inclusive expression of Methodism.  As a member of the steering committee for the Room for All Coalition, Chris assisted in the development and implementation of the spring rallies held in multiple locations across the state.

  • Actively works to connect and inform center and progressive Methodists through social media innovation

  • Experienced with conversations across diverse theological lines


Shannon Priddy, laity

As the national president of our United Methodist Women, Shannon has a voice in this conversation which reaches and includes women, youth and children all across our denomination. Shannon believes that whole person in Jesus Christ can come together as whomever they have been called to be and help one another respond to their call.

  • National leadership presence

  • Experienced in finding common ground for the purpose bringing change


Ian Hall, laity

As the Director of Administration and Finance for our INUMC, Ian has a hand in shaping our responses to the changes coming through GC, including decisions made by Trustee, Council of Finance and Administration, and the Extended Cabinet. As a naturalized US citizen, Ian can relate to and has an appreciation for those who experience differences in their community.

  • Desires a church that does no harm and truly provides a welcoming place for all

  • Engaged in leadership conversations throughout the denomination


Tiffany Duke, laity

Tiffany brings a young and passionate perspective rarely represented at Annual or General Conference.  Tiffany gave the Laity Address at the 2018 Indiana Annual Conference.  She has traveled internationally and has strong connections with the LGBTQ+ community and young persons who have left the church. 

  • Tiffany has serve as a youth representative at several UM Conferences

  • Prepared to fight for social justice for all marginalized groups

Hidalgo image.jpg

Alberto Hidalgo, Jr., laity

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a father, Alberto wants to be part of the evolving change toward openness and love for all which is moving across our denomination. Alberto is the son of Cuban parents and chose Methodism for our Wesleyan expression as a community that seeks, welcomes and values all people.

  • Brings a corporate understanding of organizational connection

  • Chose Methodism and believes God’s church is a place of love and welcome

Jeff Gehring2.jpg

Jeff Gehring, laity

Jeff believes our UMC should be a fully inclusive connectional church.  As a clergy spouse, Jeff married into Methodism, but spent time contemplating what it meant to be Methodist for many years before coming to the conclusion that Methodism most closely resembles God’s vision  of the Body of Christ.

  • Detail-oriented with a commitment to communication

  • Believes through Methodist connection the Body of Christ can live out its common beliefs and differences together


Anne Moman Brock, laity

Ann works for Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, which is part of the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.  Through her employment Ann has many contacts with different denominations who have been where our UMC is right now.

  • Life-long Methodist committed to helping our UMC become a more welcoming, loving denomination

  • Wants our church to let go of discriminatory practices


Nathan Lundy, laity

An Eagle Scout whose scouting experiences shaped his understanding of welcome and community. Graduate of Butler University where he was part of the InterFaith Council which has helped him develop expertise in having forward-moving conversations within theologically diverse environments.

  • One of our youngest delegate candidates, Nathan will be 21 at the time of GC

  • Hopes to foster common growth among the different generations for the purpose of meaningful outcomes for all people


Jack Dwiggins, laity

Jack serves on the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army in Lafayette where he is reminded of all the missional possibilities we have in our UMC. As a former Conference Lay Leader and delegate to two General and Jurisdictional conferences, Jack will use his experience and expertise to create dialogue opportunities.

  • Experienced, level-headed leadership

  • Works and prays for our church to include everyone and not exclude anyone


Room for All Coalition Endorsed
Jurisdictional Conference 2020 Candidates


Adriane Curtis, clergy

With an MA in International Relations and Diplomacy, Adriane has focused her study and ministry on helping others understand diverse cultural contexts. In her local church appointments, Adriane has developed expertise in conflict management and mediation.

  • Committed to promoting diversity, deep listening, and intercultural understanding

  • Calm presence in the face of disagreement and tension


Larry Whitehead, clergy

As a local church pastor, Conference Superintendent of the North District and now the incoming Executive Assistant to the Bishop, Larry’s has offered a consistent message of inclusion.  Having served as Dean of the Appointive Cabinet, Larry is well-connected with key leadership throughout our denomination.

  •      Christian conferencing has been a key to bringing Larry to a fully inclusive understanding of the needs and direction of our UMC

  • Because of his journey, Larry believes he can help others engage in meaningful conferencing

Darren Cushman - Wood2.jpg

Darren Cushman-Wood, clergy

As the pastor of North UMC in Indianapolis, Darren leads a strong, Reconciling Ministries congregation, Darren has strong opinions about the depth of damage done by current UMC policies. As a GC delegate in 2004, 2008 and a JC delegate in 2016, Darren has worked to keep dialogue open with traditionalists without compromising his own views. 

  • Deep roots and ministry within the LGBTQ+ community

  • Represent RMN churches in Indiana

Greg Pic.jpeg

Greg Pimlott, clergy

While Greg understands GC is only one piece of the solution to developing a fully inclusive Methodist expression of Wesleyan theology, his consistent work with and through GC shows thoughtful leadership.  Greg attended GC2019 on his own and posted a regular video blog to help others understand the impact and importance of what was happening.

  • Reserve delegate to GC and delegate to JC 2012, 2016

  • Desires a UMC where all persons are considered for marriage and ordination based on preparation, qualification, and call rather than race, gender or sexuality


Chris Nunley, clergy

The experiences of Chris’ 26 years of ministry with our INUMC have shaped his theology beyond his conservative evangelical roots.  As the Conference Superintendent of our North Central District, Chris is now helping others across a wide theological spectrum consider a broader understanding of God at work within different cultures and contexts.

  • Experienced leadership as delegate to GC in 2012 and JC in 2008

  • Strong voice for centrists


Derek Weber, clergy

Derek’s ministry experience includes teaching in a Church of Scotland divinity school, lecturing internationally with the Lutheran World Federation, as well as partnerships with Episcopalians and other Anglicans in the UK and US.  Derek says he has been one of the silent majority for most of his ministry and believes now is the time for those who have been silent to speak up.

  • Excellent persuasive speaker who will become a national voice this summer as he steps into a new role with GBOD

  • Committed to a fully inclusive church

Matt Landry.jpg

Matt Landry, clergy

Matt is an Ecumenical thinker who works to bring together disparate viewpoints for purposeful conversation.  As a young clergy person, Matt is not interested in lamenting what has been and instead is focused on moving forward in hope to realize the new think God is doing in our UMC and God’s larger church.

  • Committed to a fully inclusive Methodist church

  • Willing to engage in difficult conversations through Christian conferencing

Marti Lundy Picture.JPG

Marti Lundy, clergy

Marti has served 19 years in her current appointment and has worked each of those years to provide welcome and pastoral call for all. Marti is has also served in the Northern Illinois Conference and in 2018 was named Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary’s Distinguished Alum.

  • Active clergy mentor through her church ministry and as chair of dCOM in the Northeast Distirct

  • As a woman in ministry serving in conservative locations, has confronted judgment because of who God has called her to be


Jamie Clark, laity

Representing our young laity, Jamie has grown up as a Methodist and is actively working to discover her unique response to God’s call.  Jamie is committed to our UMC and want to work to help ensure it is a church that affirm the understanding our UMC taught her that God is loves, accepts and affirms everyone.

  • Young adult passionate about the work of the church

  • Willing to invest in a fully inclusive future for our UMC


Alisa Isaacs-Baily, laity

Alisa is a self-avowed, practicing homosexual and is blessed to belong to a reconciling congregation while living in a small town.  Alisa is the mother of three girls and desires to build a church her girls will want to be a part of.  Alisa is a graduate of Garrett Theological Seminary and maintains strong connections with Garrett Alumni. 

  • Living as a member of the LGBTQ community in a small town has equipped her to serve alongside persons who differ on many issues. 

  • Participated in Critical Conversations through the Conference and Annual Conference.


Dr. Carolyn Johnson, laity

Professor at Purdue University, Carolyn has served as Indiana Conference Secretary, conference and national President of United Methodist Women as well as the national boards of UMCOR and the ADVANCE.  Prayer, mission, justice ministries and organizational integrity are the Carolyn’s core concerns.

  • Believes the global nature of the church is crucial to the UMC mission

  • Values the church’s witness to international conflict, shifting economic realities and the tension created by technology

Richard Shuck laity2.jpg

Richard Shuck, laity

On faculty of DePauw University, Richard volunteers with several non-profit organizations that provide financial and emotional assistance.  He has a passion to see all of God’s children having the same opportunities in a chosen profession, family and worship. 

  • Desires to see the UMC practice Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds to any person who enters

  • Regrets our church and society have not been able to see all people as created in God’s image


Mary Ann Cain, laity

As a long-time teacher in Bible Study Fellowship, Mary Ann has been exposed to great diversity of Christian values and understandings.  In her work as a member of the Board of Ordained Ministry she has honed her understanding of our Methodist Theology and Doctrine.

  • Understands Methodist doctrine and polity

  • Wants to work for a future where all are included


Kim Arnott, laity

Kim is our INUMC’s Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries and as such serves on the national board’s association alongside directors from all the conferences.  With a degree in Christian Education from CTS, Kim has been on a journey which has taken her from what she calls “pretty right-wing” to being a “centrist or liberal” and believes she can be a uniting voice.

  • Desires full inclusion in our UMC

  • 30+ years experience in UMC laity leadership


Lynn A. Nelson, laity

Lynn is an active participant in the diversity round table conversation circles in Lafayette.  Those conversations, in addition to the work she has done on the Board of Laity, the Northwest Operations Team and thorough the racial reconciliation group she participated with for 5 years have helped Lynn develop a deep appreciation for the need for inclusivity.

  • Experienced Methodist leaders with deep training in recognition and reconciliation

  • Desires a fully inclusive expression of our UMC