Uniting Methodists Indiana
Uniting Methodists Indiana is now part of the Indiana "Room for All Coalition." Email shanstri@yahoo.com to receive regular updates!
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Room for All Coalition

Endorsed Candidates for 2020 General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference

The Methodist Reclamation Project

The Methodist Reclamation Project is a grassroots movement headquartered in Indiana with the mission of “Reclaiming the Spirit of Wesley: Making Space for All.”

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Mainstream UMC

Mainstream UMC represents a broad coalition, both left and right of center, formed to fund, staff, and organize a global campaign to pass the Bishops’ One Church Plan at the 2019 Special Session of the United Methodist Church General Conference.

Reconciling Ministry Network of Indiana

Reconciling Ministry Network of Indiana is a network of congregations, communities, and individuals through the Indiana United Methodist Church who are committed to the shared principles of inclusion and equality of all persons

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Uniting Methodists

Uniting Methodists is a nationwide movement of Christ-centered, hope-filled United Methodists, uniting in Christ to make disciples for the transformation of the world … challenging in love that which divides, and offering to all people God’s saving grace that transforms the world.

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Uniting Methodists Indiana

Uniting Methodists Indiana was started to ensure Indiana United Methodists have a chance to hear a more balanced perspective on the very complicated issue of human sexuality.